Sacred Heart University
SHU Silent Witness Program

Help Keep Our Campus Safe!
Silent Witness

The Silent Witness Program was designed as a means for members of the campus community to provide anonymous information to help:

  • Prevent Violence on Campus.
  • Assist Persons at Risk from Harming Themselves or Others.
  • Report Improper Conduct.
  • Report General Safety & Security Concerns.
  • Report Concern for a "Missing Student"

Remember: In any emergency situation, call SHU Public Safety at 7911.

What is the location of the activity?
Specific Location:
(e.g. "Seton Hall 244")
When did/does this activity take place?
Specific Time:
(e.g. "Noon on January 20th")
Please explain in detail the activity you wish to report.

Be sure to be specific about any individuals involved (name, age, description). The more complete and detailed the information, the more helpful the tip.

Reporting a "Missing Student"
If you have a concern regarding the status of a student because you can't contact them and/or they haven't been in class for two consecutive days... Please provide the student name below so we can determine the status of the student's welfare.

First Name: Last Name:

Please provide any other details in the narrative box above that will assist the Early Care Team in knowing the student's schedule and place of residence on or off campus. Thank you for showing concern.
May Public Safety contact you in the event that they need more information?